Beyond Spam Filters: Machine Learning to Keep Your Inbox Manageable

SaneBox uses machine learning to manage your inbox
SaneBox uses machine learning to manage your inbox
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Even with the best spam filter, managing an inbox overflowing with legitimate business emails can still gobble up precious time.

Many of us different have ways of coping with this daily onslaught.

Some of us slog through every email and do our best to reply to all of them. Others scan subject lines and senders to prioritize which ones are worth opening.

And still others create new email accounts for specific purposes to keep business, personal and commercial messages separated.

Christina DesMarais, an contributor, wrote the article Email Doesn’t Have to Suck about her experience with a new service designed to address overwhelm from legitimate emails, aptly named SaneBox.

Based on her description, it’s clear SaneBox is using machine learning to help categorize and prioritize messages.

The service watches how you engage with senders over time to predict which new messages you’ll consider important.

Those messages it considers less important it moves out of your inbox and into an @SaneLater folder you can look at whenever you like.

If you notice an important message in your @SaneLater folder, you can move it to your inbox and SaneBox will remember so that next time you receive a message from that sender, SaneBox will leave it in your inbox.

The service also equips you with a dashboard so you can track your volume of important versus non-important messages. DesMarais gained insight into just how much time email was sucking out of her workday.

Additional folders include @SaneNews (so all your newsletter subscriptions are in one place) and @SaneBlackHole (for those messages you want sent straight to trash).

The SaneBox reminder feature lets you specify which message you want replies to and by when. Simply add an address to a CC or BCC like or  and SaneBox keeps an @SaneRemindMe folder with these messages ordered accordingly.

Now machine learning not only keeps spam out of view, it rescues your relationship with your inbox.